Study of cancer immunotherapy patients reveals markers of treatment response

The treatment of blood cancers has dramatically improved in the last five years, thanks to a new class of cancer immunotherapies called CAR-T cell therapy. This therapy—which involves engineering a patient’s own T cells in the lab to kill cancer cells and then infusing them back into the patient—cures about 40% of people with otherwise […]


Japan must take steps against ‘excessive’ yen moves, deputy chief cabinet secretary says

Japan’s government must take steps as needed to counter excessive declines in the yen, a senior government official said on Sunday, as the currency slides to its weakest level against the dollar in 24 years. The comments from Seiji Kihara, the deputy chief cabinet secretary of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government, are the latest to […]


Ubisoft says $70 is now the standard price for its “big AAA games”

Ubisoft is joining the depressingly large number of companies charging $70 for their AAA games, the first of which will be November’s Skull and Bones. The French studio has announced that the price will become a standard for its big PS5 and Xbox Series X/S releases. No word on PC games, though it wouldn’t be […]


Brit admits murdering Canadian girlfriend after she flew to UK to visit him

A man has admitted murdering his Canadian girlfriend just weeks after she moved to the UK to be with him. Jack Sepple, 23, has admitted at Chelmsford Crown Court today to murdering 19-year-old Ashley Wadsworth, who he had met on a dating app. Police today revealed Ashley died from “a number of stab wounds.” She […]