Pet owners obsessed with Aldi’s new Specialbuy for dogs to chill out at home

Shoppers have fallen in love with Aldi ‘s newest Specialbuy pet product – a trendy miniature sofa for dogs. The grey scalloped chair, which retails for £44.99, has been described as the perfect spot for “unwinding after a long hard day of barking, tail wagging and cuddles”.

The budget retailer posted a photo of the luxurious dog bed on Instagram and more than 5,000 fans liked the picture, with dozens commenting their delight below. The chill-out space was modelled by golden cockapoo Marley, who stylishly posed with a glass of pawsecco and dried flowers.

The Instagram post reads: “This scalloped dog chair is perfect fur unwinding after a long hard day of barking, tail wagging and cuddles. @cockapoomarley has definitely got the right idea! Pick one up online or in-store now.”

One person commented: “I am obsessed with this!” whilst another said: “Omg here come the unnecessary dog purchases.”

Some commented on Marley’s laidback approach to modelling, saying: “Ah @cockapoomarley the best way to relax and unwind!”

“Imagine having a dog this well-behaved,” another said.

Lots of people tagged their friends and family, with one writing: “This is how I imagine your dogs finish the day.”

A second said: “Can we get one?” and a third commented: “This is the life for scoobs!”

Aldi posted a second picture of the scalloped sofa bed, writing: “You’ll never have to share the sofa again!”

This time, shoppers were drawn to the plush popcorn and nachos toy beside it, with someone commenting: “Oh my Louis needs the popcorn toy.”

Though some said their pets had already “destroyed” the teddies at home.

It comes after Aldi relaunched the popular cat egg chair for under £40 – far cheaper than its rival models.

The standing egg chair is made from environmentally friendly, sustainable banana leaf and comes complete with a comfortable, removable cushion.

It’s perfect for keeping cats cosy whilst looking stylish in any home and a sturdy base ensures cat lovers can feel confident that their favourite felines can get in and out safely.